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Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is officially underway!

We woke up around 4:40 this morning (boo), got ready, and caught a bus shuttle to Epcot. My mom and brother were walking the race, and it was fun to see how nervous/excited my mom was. She’s walked 5Ks before — and gone longer distances — but she definitely got caught up in race fever. My brother also walked, partly to keep her company and partly to save his energy as he takes on the Dopey challenge this weekend! I chose to run the race since I’ll have a day to recover before the half.

We kicked off the race with a salute to our troops, the national anthem, and fireworks. Pretty awesome! The first mile was through a parking lot that snaked behind the park. Not a lot of fast running done here, since there were so many people and it got traffic-y at times. By the end of the first mile, we had reached “Mexico.” This was my favorite part of the run (and my fav. when I ran it last year); so often I walk through Epcot, so it was spectacular to run through the park before sunrise. I probably should have stopped for photos, but I told myself I wouldn’t unless I saw Donald (surprise!!!). Alas, no duck sighting. :(

The last mile felt great; I picked up the speed just as a light rain started to come down. I crossed the finish with a grin on my face in 31 minutes. Pretty happy with my time, all things considered.

The only bummer: waiting for almost 40 minutes to meet up with my mom and brother. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but it was chilly and rainy, so it got a little rough near the end. The important thing is that we all finished and reunited at the end!

Now I will be spending today and tomorrow visiting the parks and preparing (mentally and physically) for the big day. Can’t believe it’s almost here; it feels surreal!

The stats: 3.1 mi. in 31 mins.

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