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How does one summon the willpower to get a run done when one’s mind and body are in rebellion? That was the question I faced tonight as I grumpily made my way to the gym tonight. I knew I would be running — I packed my clothes for it and everything — but by the time 6 PM rolled around, the idea of heading home to a warm meal sounded more appealing than working out for the next 45 minutes.

Nevertheless, I mustered up some energy after wolfing down some almonds and found myself running on the treadmill. See that blue wall? That’s the lovely view I get whenever I run at the gym; you hopefully understand now why I prefer outdoor runs. After one mile, I honestly wanted to call it quits; my left arch felt a little off (that has never happened before) and I couldn’t get into the groove of things. I told myself to push for one more mile…and then two miles magically turned into 3.1. It wasn’t pretty, but I got it done. Before and after the run, I did some strength training before heading out into the cold. It was a balmy 40 degrees here today…but alas! Tomorrow morning promises a temperature of 5 degrees with wind chill below zero. Black ice, ahoy.

Now I’m off to read my new Runner’s World magazine. And by read I mean stare at the cover. Just look at that form!!!

The stats: 3.1 mi. in 28:07 mins.

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