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I narrowly avoided disaster during my run today. Someone was running on my favorite treadmill (same lady who was using it on Wednesday, come to think of it), so I went on the one next to it, assuming that the treadmill experience would be the same.

WRONG. All treadmills are NOT alike, apparently. After my less than spectacular one mile run on Wednesday, I was determined to kill it at the gym today. According to MapMyRun, I was only 3.5 miles from reaching 40 miles for January. With that goal in mind, I started off with some strength training to warm up and then hit the treadmill. After only five minutes, my leg muscles were on fire, just like they were on Wednesday. I have never felt that sort of pain during any of my runs, so I knew something was up. I managed to get one mile done in 9:32 mins. and took a moment to stretch out my legs. I then did a walk-run for half of a mile that took me 6:56 mins. It was slow, but even THAT didn’t feel good.

Frustrated, I got off the treadmill and went to do some more stretching. My muscles were definitely a little tight from my last strength workout, but nothing out of the ordinary. I couldn’t figure it out. Being only two miles from my goal, however, gave me the extra boost I needed to get back on the machine. This time, however, I chose a different treadmill with a slightly better view (adios, blue wall!). I started running, and would you believe that everything felt AMAZING? My leg muscles no longer burned, even though I was going at a faster pace. I ended up doing my two miles in 18:10 mins. I think it’s fair to partially blame the other treadmill for my poor running performances. Is there such thing as a Jekyll and Hyde run? ‘Cause I think tonight’s workout would qualify.

The stats: 3.5 in 34:38 mins.

I think January 2014 will stand out as one of my best running months of all time (or at least so far). I ran my first half marathon, signed up for my second, and ran more miles than I had any other month. Can’t wait to see what next month brings me! I’m toying with the idea of some sort of running challenge related to my birthday (March 1st). I’ll be turning 23 and I thought it would be fun to do something with those numbers and running/exercise — whether it be run for 23 minutes for one workout a week, or run 23 miles per week (hahaha nope), or…well, something along those lines! Any suggestions? Send ‘em my way! :)

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