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Crazy bun for a crazy day. (Yes, that is a LOTR poster behind me.) And bonus: today’s running tip!

Work was the pits today, so I came home exhausted but hoping to blow off some major steam with a short run. I started off too fast (oops!) but leveled off to a more manageable pace soon after.

Near the end of my first mile, I was running along the road near a seminary facing traffic. In the other lane, I noticed a truck slow down as it passed me, and then pull over a bit ahead of me. This struck me as a little weird, so I kept my guard up as I passed. Call it divine intervention, but my gut feeling told me to run into one of the driveways into the seminary to “tie my shoe.” I glanced behind me and saw the truck pulling out. As it passed me, the driver, a middle aged man who had rolled down his window, stared at me with this dead look in his eyes. There’s no other way to describe it. I stared right back, but I felt incredibly uncomfortable. As he drove further away, he looked back in his side mirror and then FINALLY disappeared.

This upset me for trivial reasons (oh no I had to pause my workout!!), but also for legitimate ones: why should I feel unsafe when I run outside? I wasn’t wearing anything indecent, and even if I was wearing, say, just a sports bra and shorts (and I would hardly call that indecent), should that matter? Maybe I’m making too big of a deal out of it, but this incident felt worse than any catcalls I’ve received. Bleh.

After I shook that off, I finished up my run. I’m pretty sure my GPS got messed up since I don’t think I ran this fast, but I’ll post what it recorded anyway (keep it mind that this doesn’t include my break):

The stats: 2 mi. in 16:38 mins.

Anyway, hope your Mondays were great! Is it the weekend yet?

  1. running-engineering-cats said: Eek! That sounds scary I’m glad you’re okay! It’s sad that we have to be so on guard while running, but better safe than sorry.
  2. acidomx said: ugh, men are pigs. mm no nevermind, pigs are actually pretty cool. =S, so sad that you girls have to go through that.
  3. runningonredbull said: Ok that’s shady. Good call on your part. I would guess it has less to do with what you are wearing as how vulnerable/distracted you appear. Smart move on your part!
  4. usualchatter said: Yup, always gotta be aware of surroundings. Even if it weren’t for prowling creeps, there’s still inattentive drivers.
  5. katiegettingfit22 said: That’s a seriously shady situation. Good on you for keeping yourself safe! And nice run time!
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